Meet super supporter Thomas!

It’s the final weekend of our Homecoming Exhibition at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway! If you haven’t already met the pooches, come along before 5pm on Sunday 4th September. After that, the Gromits will be returning back to their homes for a well-earned rest – and probably some cheese and crackers! For full visiting information, please go here.

Our exhibition raises funds for Bristol Children’s Hospital, so thank you so much to everyone who has made a donation or purchased Gromit Unleashed merchandise so far. Your support will help make a huge difference!

A few weeks ago a very special visitor came to meet the Gromits: Thomas Riddick, 24. Thomas was born with cerebral palsy as a result of a bleed on his brain before birth. Although he is unfortunately unable to speak, he finds other ways to tell his family how he feels with his infectious laugh and smile.

When he was younger Thomas was cared for at Bristol Children’s Hospital, undergoing hip reconstruction surgery twice, and other minor procedures. During his treatment he absolutely loved riding up and down in the Hospital’s lifts, where Wallace’s voice can be heard, accompanying patients to each floor. 

Thomas’s sister-in-law Kathryn said, “Thomas is a big fan of Wallace and Gromit! He went to the original Gromit Unleashed exhibition in 2013, when all 70 Gromits were displayed in Bristol. Gromit Lightyear was a favourite so he was really happy to see him again at the new Homecoming Exhibition.

“Thomas has collected 18 Gromit figurines and has them in his very own 'Gromit Room', which is his chill out space.  He watches the films over and over again on his TV, enjoying the traditional movies as well as the more recent films, and watches them at least once a week. Thomas’s brother Mark has also painted him a special Paint Your Own Gromit, featuring cream crackers and the Wrong Trousers!

“Thomas is very grateful for all that Bristol Children’s Hospital did for him. His collection of Gromits is his way of giving something back.”

Gromit Unleashed has raised over £5million for Bristol Children’s Hospital since 2013, and we can’t wait to see how much our new Homecoming Exhibition has raised. Thank you so much to all our fans for your continuing support – with your help we can transform the lives of more young patients like Thomas, making sure they get the very best care at Bristol Children’s Hospital.