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Our Gromit Unleashed sculptures were designed by an array of talented artists, designers and celebrities.

We were thrilled that a whole host of prestigious names could take part in the project. These included Aardman’s very own Nick Park and Peter Lord, iconic designers Sir Paul Smith and Cath Kidston, Disney Pixar (Pixar created our furthest travelled Gromit, ‘Gromit Lightyear’, who made the 10,550 round trip from Bristol to the West coast of America) composer Jools Holland, Simon Tofield, the award-winning illustrator and animator of cartoon series Simon’s Cat, much-loved children’s illustrator Sir Quentin Blake and legendary pop artist Sir Peter Blake – to name just a few!

As well as inviting many famous names to join the project, we held an open call for local artists to design the Gromit sculptures, and we were overwhelmed by hundreds of entries from all over the UK, Europe and even further afield. The standard of submissions was incredibly high and we were thrilled to select over 40 artists from all over the UK and Europe to design the Gromit sculptures.

Take a look below to learn more about our Gromit Unleashed artists and the inspiration behind their cracking designs.



Aardman's classic and well loved character Gromit, Wallace's trusty sidekick - always rescuing Wallace from tricky, often dangerous situations, is now the icon for the Gromit unleashed trail. Gromit was painted by artist Jane Kite.

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I knew he'd make it big in Bristol one day, that dog - Wallace

Rosie Ashforth

"Grant's Gromit"

Rosie is a computer animator who works freelance in Bristol and beyond. She's worked on feature films such as 'Happy Feet', 'Where the Wild Things Are' and 'Arthur Christmas'. In her spare time she trains for and competes at British Eventing with her horse, and walks her dog 'Beryl'- her muse for some future animations!

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Gromit is painted with the markings of a Grant's Zebra, the smallest of six subspecies of the Plains Zebra. BBC Bristol creates incredible natural history programmes and Bristol has the fifth oldest zoo in the world, so I wanted Gromit to represent Bristol's links with natural history and zoology.

Dave Bain


Dave Bain is a Bristol-based illustrator who works primarily in traditional mediums of paint and screen-printing, with an underlying emphasis on drawing. He works on a range of projects, from shoe pattern design to children's books, advertising to large mural artwork. Dave regularly produces series of personal artworks for exhibition in national and international galleries.

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My love of pattern, geometrical shapes, bright colours, natural forms and ornithology has influenced my design. I selected some of my favourite British birds to jigsaw together, and the artwork utilizes a colour palette based on the vibrant, celebratory hues of spring and summer.

Martin Band


Martin is an artist and director of Environmental Associates, a landscape design consultancy. He is regularly involved in the design of streetscapes, civic spaces and gardens, always aiming to bring something creative and invigorating to his practice's designs. Martin designed two Olympic Mascot sculptures for the London 2012 trail.

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Wallace and Gromit are an iconic example of all things British! So I think why not celebrate this by decorating my Gromit sculpture in a Union Jack flag.

Trevor Baylis OBE

"What a Wind Up!"

Trevor Baylis OBE is an English inventor, best known for inventing the wind-up radio. He invented it in response to the need to communicate information about AIDS to the people of Africa. Trevor's design was created in collaboration with artist Ruth Broadway.

Visit Trevor Baylis OBE's website

It's great to be part of the Gromit Unleashed project and support The Grand Appeal. I really can't wait to have it on display for the world to see in Bristol this summer.

The Beano

"Gnashional Gromit"

The Beano is an iconic British children's comic, published by D. C. Thomson & Co. The comic first appeared on 30th July 1938 and was published weekly. Its iconic characters such as Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids, Roger the Dodger, Billy Whizz and Ball Boy, are dearly loved by generations of British children. Editor Mike Sterling, iconic Beano artist Dave Sutherland and the Beano team worked together to create this Gromit.

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The whole Beano team has had an absolute blast working on this project! Dave Sutherland is truly one of the Beano greats and Gnashional Gromit is testament to this. We hope the public enjoy our Gromit.

Tom Berry

"aMazing Gromit"

Working solely by hand and in high detail, Tom is interested in creating pictures for people to get lost in. He draws influence from the pre-digital era: European decorative movements, Japanese art, engravings and children's books.

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I imagine Gromit turning into 'Treegromit' whilst getting lost in Leigh Woods. The tree motif that covers him is also a maze - can you navigate from the starting point on his right ear through the forest to the safety of the cottage on his tail?

Celia Birtwell

"Sugar Plum"

Celia Birtwell is a fashion and interiors textile designer. She studied textile design at Salford School of Art in 1956, and it was during her years here that she met fashion designer Ossie Clark. From 1967 to 1973 Celia and Ossie dressed everyone from the Beatles all the way to the British Aristocracy. Celia's fabrics hang in many international hotels and retailers like Liberty's and Harvey Nichols have stocked her ranges. Celia was awarded a CBE for her outstanding contribution to fashion. Celia Birtwell's design was painted by artist Sarah-Jane Richards.

Visit Celia Birtwell's website


Sir Peter Blake

"Hound Dog"

Sir Peter Blake is an icon of British Pop Art. Knighted in 2002, an honorary doctor of the Royal College of Art, and with his work represented in major collections throughout the world, Sir Peter Blake truly is a grandee of British Art. Sir Peter Blake's work reflects his fascination with all streams of popular culture, and the beauty to be found in everyday objects and surroundings. Many of his works feature found printed materials such as photographs, comic strips or advertising texts, combined with bold geometric patterns and the use of primary colours. The works perfectly capture the effervescent and optimistic ethos of the sixties, but are also strikingly fresh and contemporary. There is also a strain of sentimentality and nostalgia running throughout his work, with particular focus towards childhood innocence and reminiscence, as can be seen clearly in his recent Alphabet series. Blake is renowned for his connection with the music industry, having produced iconic album covers for the Beatles, Paul Weller, The Who, and Oasis.

Visit Sir Peter Blake's website


Sir Quentin Blake


Quentin Blake in 1932 and has drawn ever since he can remember. He has always made his living as an illustrator, as well as teaching for over twenty years at the Royal College of Art. He is known for his collaborations with writers such as Russell Hoban, Joan Aiken, Michael Rosen, John Yeoman and, most famously, Roald Dahl. He has also created much-loved characters of his own, including Mister Magnolia and Mrs Armitage. He received a knighthood for 'services to illustration' in the New Year's Honours for 2013.

Visit Sir Quentin Blake's website

I gave the children 'wings 'as I liked the idea of them flying around – the power of flight is like an extension; it's something you can have in your head but can't use in everyday life, but you can in pictures. I was delighted at the prospect of drawing on such a peculiar shape. There aren't that many sheets of paper that are Gromit-shaped!

Paula Bowles


Paula Bowles graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2005, and now works from a shared studio in Bristol. She works primarily for children's publishing, and has worked with a variety of publishers including Random House Children's Bo¬¬oks, Templar Publishing and CBeebies 'Driver Dan's Story Train'. She is represented by Plum Pudding Illustration.

Visit Paula Bowles's website

As Gromit is a Bristolian at heart who enjoys a good tea party, I thought he would appreciate being adorned with the colourful city, with plenty of bunting to go round.

Raymond Briggs

"Snow Gromit"

Raymond Briggs is an English illustrator, cartoonist, graphic novelist and author. He is known around the world for his works The Snowman, Father Christmas, and Fungus the Bogeyman.

Nick Park is one of my heroes. So when he asked me to paint a Gromit for him, I could scarcely believe it!

Peter Brookes

"Two Eds are Better than One"

Peter Brookes is an English cartoonist who has produced work for numerous publications, including Radio Times, New Society, New Statesman, The Spectator and most notably The Times, for which he is the leader-page cartoonist – In which he famously depicts politician Ed Milliband as Wallace. He has won the title of Cartoonist of the Year at the British Press Awards five times. Peter Brookes' design was painted by Vivi Cuevas.

Visit Peter Brookes's website


Seb Burnett


Bertram Fiddle is the world's leading Victorian Explorator. He has been discovering and adventurising for as long as he can recall. So far he has had adventures in the Himalayas, Africa, Poland, South America, The Arctic, Underwater,on the Moon and Belgium. He has discovered the World's Shortest River, Yetis, Vampire Faeries, a talking Rhododendron and countless species of animals and creatures.

Visit Seb Burnett's website

My idea depicts famous Victorian explorer Bertram Fiddle and his manservant on their fabled mission to find the lost city of Eldoradog. Making their way through dense, exotic jungle, their quest is watched by peculiar flora and fauna.

Giuliano Carapia


Giuliano Carapia is from Bologna and is a member of design studio ALTRORILIEVO, which creates prototypes for scenography installations, theme parks, design and original sculptures for artists.

Visit Giuliano Carapia's website

I wanted to design Gromit as a classic horse carousel, as I liked the idea of children looking at him as part of a fun fairground. This represents part of my creative work that I carry out in my studio in Bologna.

Leigh Flurry at Red Central

"Bark at Ee"

Leigh Flurry is an illustrator and designer based in Bristol, working for design agency Red Central. He specialises in character design, typographic form, vector design & repeat patterns.

Visit Leigh Flurry at Red Central's website

Being Bristol born and bred, I wanted to embrace an element of being Bristolian - the lovely native slang. Depicting that in the form of an illustration over one of Brizzle's icons has been an awesome experience and great joy to work on.

Dan Shearn at Red Central

"Bristol Bulldog"

Dan Shearn is a graphic designer who designs at agency Red Central by day, and collaborates on other creative projects like pop up galleries, theatre productions and freelance design by night. He is passionate about design, enjoys creativity – and drinks a lot of coffee! Dan designed Bristol Bulldog and created the sculpture with Alan Guest and Chad Woodward at Red Central.

Visit Dan Shearn at Red Central's website

'Defending the skies'. Inspired by the Bristol Aeroplane Company's aptly named 'Bristol Bulldog', I thought this design would bring two of Bristol's greats together in a light hearted mash up.

Dan Shearn at Red Central

"Steam Dog"

Dan Shearn is a graphic designer who designs at agency Red Central by day, and collaborates on other creative projects like pop up galleries, theatre productions and freelance design by night. He is passionate about design, enjoys creativity – and drinks a lot of coffee! Dan designed Steam Dog and created the sculpture with Alan Guest and Chad Woodward at Red Central.

Visit Dan Shearn at Red Central's website

I wanted to pay homage to the 'steam punk' technology used in the Wallace & Gromit animations, but a Victorian-style twist. Gromit is made of a material that looks like it was a mass produced product from the Victorian age, which now stands as a monument to that glorious time long passed



Cheba has been producing “Street Art” since the early 2000's. He has appeared in such publications as “Graffiti World”, “The Art of Rebellion”, “Children of the Can” and “Banksy's Bristol” and has gone on to showcase his work at numerous exhibitions over the world.

Visit Cheba's website

My Gromit design was inspired by NASA photos from space and the birth of stars.

Katy Christianson

"Canis Major"

Katy is a self-taught freelance illustrator living and working in Bristol, since coming to the city in 2006. Her detailed work is most inspired by mountainous landscapes, the night sky and complex patterns. An active member of the Drawn in Bristol Collective, she curated her first exhibition in December 2012.

I have recently been producing work based on Ursa Minor and Ursa Major – the Great Bear and the Little Bear, and this led me to want to give Gromit his own constellation. All the constellations can be seen from Bristol in July and August, and there is an extra constellation – GROMITUS MAJOR, for people to find.

Laura Cramer

"Vincent van Gromit"

Laura Cramer lives and works in Bristol as a full time painter. She is best known for her colourful semi-abstract cityscapes. Laura studied painting in Moscow in the early 1990s, under the tuition of the late artist and writer Yuri Koval. Her commissions are varied and in 2011 she painted one of Bristol Zoo's 'Wow! Gorillas'.

Visit Laura Cramer's website

To portray the great Vincent Van Gogh in Gromit form is not only a tribute to him and his legacy, but I hope it is an inspiration to adults and children alike to look now and again at the world through “Vincent's eyes”.

Laura Cramer

"Five a Day Dog"

Laura Cramer lives and works in Bristol as a full time painter. She is best known for her colourful semi-abstract cityscapes. Laura studied painting in Moscow in the early 1990s, under the tuition of the late artist and writer Yuri Koval. Her commissions are varied and in 2011 she painted one of Bristol Zoo's 'WOW Gorillas'.

Visit Laura Cramer's website

My design is inspired by the 'Five a day' guidelines on eating fruit and vegetables. The Italian renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo painted people using only the shapes of fruit and veg, and so I have created a design that translates well to the 3D contours of Gromit's body.

Vivi Cuevas

"A Mandrill's Best Friend "

Vivi Cuevas approaches her work with vital energy and playfulness. Her creations always reflect her love and enjoyment for what she does. Vibrant colours and cute, quirky creatures are hallmarks of her artistic endeavours which range from Gorilla sculptures to fabric art; drawings to digital illustrations.

Visit Vivi Cuevas's website

I chose to paint Gromit as a mandrill, closely related to the baboon. The mandrill is a comical animal with its peculiar brightly- coloured face and funny facial expressions. Mandrills also share a lot in common with Gromit, having long, dog-like muzzles and close-set eyes.

Hannah Cumming


Hannah graduated from University College Falmouth with a first class illustration degree in 2007. Whilst there she was highly commended twice in the Macmillan Prize for two original picture book ideas, and since graduating has had three books published, one of which is being adapted for a planetarium show.

The idea behind my design came to me thinking about what 'Gromit Unleashed' could mean – I think it means unleashing the inner Gromit! So my design depicts everyone showing what a good Gromit they'd make, symbolised by wearing his iconic collar.

Huncan Daskell


Huncan Daskell is Bristol's most notorious underground designer. He's so underground that nobody has ever seen a single piece of his art before, not even his long-suffering wife. Finally in 2013 he is ready to unleash himself upon the world! Huncan Daskell's design was painted by artist Vivi Cuevas.

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Introducing the Gromitasaurus, the blood-curdling predator feared throughout the Aardmassic period. Thankfully, despite his terrifying appearance, his huge fangs were widely used for slicing chunks of Wensleydale.

Tom Deams


Tom Deams is a UK based graffiti artist. Since first experimenting with spray paint in 1988 he has created pieces in England, Europe and Australia. He also lived in Nottingham for a number of years producing large scale murals and exhibitions with the collective 'OxygenThievez'.

Visit Tom Deams's website

Inspired by all superheroes because Gromit is better than all of them and he has the haircut to prove it! Watch out world!

Thomas Dowdeswell

"Being Gromit Malkovich"

Thomas William Dowdeswell is a Bristol-based contemporary artist whose work is futuristic, mechanical and geometric. The early 20th century art movements Vorticism, Constructivism and Futurism inspire his art, combined with an avid interest in current affairs and how people interact with each other within our society. His highly detailed and densely packed cityscapes are rich in narrative and vibrant in colour.

Visit Thomas Dowdeswell's website

This is a world where everyone is clamouring to live life through the eyes of Gromit, who has become an idea and vision encompassing the whole city. The work is inspired by the film 'Being John Malkovich,' paying homage to a pioneer of cartoon and illustration, Heath Robinson.

Joseph Dunmore


Joseph Dunmore has been working as an artist for over 20 years. He mixes deep intuitive insight with humour and an intrinsic sense of beauty aesthetic. In this project, Joseph pays homage to pre-Colombian art, a major source of inspiration for the artist in his formative years.

Visit Joseph Dunmore's website

In late 2012, an ancient temple was discovered in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. This pre-Colombian site held all kinds of treasures, the most surprising of which was this sculpture, covered in Aztec-like symbols and with more than an uncanny resemblance to Gromit!

Dale Evans

"TutanGromit I"

Dale Evans is based in Cardiff. She has been drawing, painting and making things all her life.

Visit Dale Evans's website

My inspiration came from the Egyptian collections at Bristol Museum. If Gromit was Egyptian and had lived 3,000 years ago he would have been a god. He might even have ended up in Bristol Museum alongside the cat mummies!

Ros Franklin

"Dog Rose"

Ros is a botanical illustrator and mainly works from her studio in Dorset. She shares her passion for plants and love of botanical painting through courses in her studio, and at the Eden Project in Cornwall. She is a Fellow of the Eden Project Florilegium Society, and became Chairman in January 2012.

Visit Ros Franklin's website

Interpreting 'unleashed' to be 'let loose; wild and free', and as Gromit is a dog, I wanted a subject to encompass both. As a botanical illustrator the Wild Dog Rose, rosa canina, did just that!

Diarmuid Gavin

"Oops a Daisy"

Diarmuin Gavin is an award winning garden designer, author and presenter, best known for presenting Gardeners' World and the Chelsea Flower Show. Diarmuid describes his design style as exuberant, whacky and quirky, and at other times green, tranquil and gentle.


Emily Golden


Emily Golden lives and works as an illustrator and designer in Bristol. She is inspired by folktales, pattern, nature and all things weird and wonderful. Since graduating with a first class degree in illustration Emily has worked with clients including Usborne, Scholastic, and the Oxford University Press on a range of children's titles.

Visit Emily Golden's website

Drawing on my love of crafts led me to this patchwork idea; I could introduce a different level to the sculpture because some swatches relate to the Wallace & Gromit films, whilst others are purely aesthetic. I wanted people to enjoy picking their favourite squares and locating characters!

Sarah-Jane Grace

"The Secret Garden "

Sarah is a Bristol-based artist who is inspired by the natural world. Her primary medium is acrylic on canvas and she has been involved in a number of arts trails, including Wow! Gorillas, to raise money for charity. Sarah loves being involved in these projects as they help bring people together in a city.

Visit Sarah-Jane Grace's website

Gromit is designed to look like a topiary bush cut into the shape of a dog. He has his eyes and nose showing through the leaves, which are full of little creatures, as if he is peeping out of a great hiding place.

Natalie Guy

"May Contain Nuts (& Bolts) "

Natalie Guy is a successful mosaic artist that divides her time between running 'Poppies Art Workshops', working on school and community projects and 'Natalie Guy Mosaics' – private mosaics commissions. She loves the challenge of using different materials, from crystals to everyday objects, to create a mosaic that's truly unique and enhances its surroundings.

Visit Natalie Guy's website

This design is inspired by inventors Wallace & Gromit – I think Wallace might try to clone Gromit using nuts and bolts for the design. Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge is also held together by nuts and bolts, and Brunel is at the heart of Bristol's industrial history.

Martin Handford

"Where's Wallace?"

Martin Handford is an English children's author and illustrator of the internationally loved Where's Wally? Books. The Where's Wally? books consist of a series of detailed illustrations depicting dozens or more people doing a variety of amusing things at a given location. Readers are challenged to find Wally hidden in the group. Martin Handford's design was painted by artist Andy Brown. Can you find Wally on Gromits pockets?

Visit Martin Handford's website


Lisa Hassell


Lisa Hassell is the director of Inkygoodness, a design writer, curator and illustrator; with a background in online marketing and graphic design. Lisa writes for a number of publications, focusing on design, illustration and industry trends; alongside running the Inkygoodness blog and furthering her illustration practice.

Visit Lisa Hassell's website

Inspired by nature, surface pattern and my own imagination, my sculpture is a playful arrangement of abstract forms and organic shapes, designed to appeal to a universal audience. Its contrasting colour palette captures a sense of fun, submerged in an imaginary wonderland waiting to be explored.

Harry Hill

"A Close Shave"

Harry Hill is a Perrier Award-winning English comedian, author and television presenter. He is most famously known for his highly successful television series TV Burp and as a sell out stand up comedian. Harry has emerged as an eager artist over the last few years, including an exhibition of his art at Edinburgh Art Festival, and has now created his own unique Gromit design.

Visit Harry Hill's website

I decided my Gromit should raise awareness of male baldness, so I've shaved Gromit and put a bit of stubble on him! I'll make every effort to come back for the trail – you can't get a better cause than raising money for a children's hospital.

Jools Holland

"Bumble Boogie "

Jools Holland OBE DL is a composer, pianist, bandleader and broadcaster. From playing pubs in the East End docks as a teenager, to leading his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra and selling millions of records, it is his passion for music that has made Jools Holland into a veteran of the music scene. He is renowned for his TV programmes, including forty two series of 'Later with Jools Holland' and twenty 'Hootenanny' shows. Jools was awarded an OBE in 2003 for his services to the British music industry. The Bumble Boogie design was created by artist Sarah-Jane Richards.

Visit Jools Holland's website

One of the things my big band has been doing at the moment is a rather fast version of Bumble Boogie, based on Flight Of The Bumblebee, and I somehow felt that this would be the right sort of thing for dear Gromit. The odd look to one side, the raised eyebrow – you can tell that there's an inner boogie-ist waiting to get out!

Ignition DG


IGNITION is a progressive design organisation, based in the creative quarter of Bristol. Their sectors range from creative design, build and management for general exhibitions and retail, to creative design and branding. The team that worked on 'Lodekka' are Luke Hobbs, Carl Thomas, Sam Morris, Adam Applewhite and Kirk Brown.

Visit Ignition DG's website

Sir George White formed the Bristol Omnibus Company in 1887 and in 1908 started to make his own buses in Bristol. The Lodekka Bus is the most recognisable of the company and one can be found in the M-Shed in Princes Wharf.

Ignition DG


IGNITION is a progressive design organisation, based in the creative quarter of Bristol. Their sectors range from creative design, build and management for general exhibitions and retail, to creative design and branding. The team that worked on 'Astro' are Luke Hobbs, Carl Thomas, Sam Morris, Adam Applewhite and Kirk Brown.

Visit Ignition DG's website

Interest in space travel is experiencing resurgence and we wanted our design to reflect this. Wallace and Gromit's World of Invention' in which Wallace and Gromit create a cheese so smelly it has a neon green glow, inspired the glow in the dark element of this design.



Inkie is a London based graffiti artist, originally from Bristol. After over 25 years of painting he is a significant part of Bristol”s graffiti heritage and continues to promote his home city as a cultural destination today. Inkie is the co-founder and organiser of See No Evil, a graffiti festival in Bristol and has exhibited and curated shows across the globe, most recently in Los Angeles, London, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Warsaw.

Visit Inkie's website

My beautiful daughter, Joni was born profoundly deaf and I was told she would never speak, but after receiving cochlear implants she is now an A Grade nine year old with incredibly good elocution. Being involved in Gromit Unleashed means I can raise money for a great cause that will help other children, like my daughter, through art which really is a dream come true.

David Inshaw


David Inshaw is a British artist, particularly noted for his painting The Badminton Game, which was exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Summer Studio exhibition in London in 1973. Following being part of the Brotherhood of Ruralists, alongside artists such as Peter Blake, David has held a number of solo exhibitions, in galleries from London to Tokyo. Marking the artist's 70th birthday, a solo exhibition, 'Paintings by David Inshaw' was held in London in 2013.

Visit David Inshaw's website

I enjoyed being part of this project as I have always been a Gromit fan! My intention was to paint him as a topiary bush; hoping to retain his iconic humorous character. I certainly enjoyed the challenge!

Emily Ketteringham


Emily fell in love with screen-printing one otherwise ordinary Wednesday night in 2006. Since then she has worked on prints inspired by Bristol architecture and has designed and created large play houses. Her floral Gromit design was inspired by the way in which she covered the play houses in colour, pattern and flowers.

Visit Emily Ketteringham's website

I have a very small garden and not very green fingers, so my dream flower beds, bursting with colour all year round, are yet to be realized. But if anyone could convince flowers to bloom in a profusion of colour, it would be Gromit!

Cath Kidston

"Antique Rose"

Cath Kidston is an English fashion designer and entrepreneur, renowned for her distinctive floral prints. Cath set up her first in 1994 near London's Holland Park, and it was here she created her first print 'Rose Bouquet', which covers the Cath Kidston Gromit sculpture. Today Cath Kidston sells homewares, clothing and accessories world-wide. Cath Kidston's design was painted by artist Sarah-Jane Richards.

Visit Cath Kidston's website

We are proud to be part of Gromit Unleashed – a brilliant project by Nick Park with a wonderful mission to raise funds for the Grand Appeal, Bristol Children's Hospital Charity.

Peter Lord CBE

"Salty Sea Dog"

Peter Lord is an Oscar-nominated film producer, a Founder and Creative Director of Aardman Animations and a Patron and Trustee of The Grand Appeal. Peter's characters and films are much-loved worldwide, including Morph, Chicken Run, and most recently the hit film Pirates! An Adventure with Scientists. He was awarded a CBE in the 2006 Queen's Birthday Honours List for his services to the film industry.

Salty Sea Dog was designed and created by Peter, and painted in collaboration with artist Vivi Cuevas.

Visit Peter Lord CBE's website

It's a huge pleasure to be part of the Gromit Unleashed project – it's such a wonderful campaign to raise much needed funds for The Grand Appeal. There are some impressive names involved, making it an amazing art trail.

Filthy Luker

"It's Kraken, Gromit!"

Bristol-based international street artist, Filthy Luker, is an installation artist specialising in hand-crafted inflatable sculptures. The artist is best known for his inflatable artworks, including a giant octopus and over-sized banana skin and for putting enormous eye sculptures in trees and has exhibited in the Royal West Academy in Bristol. Most recently Filthy Luker created a giant inflatable plant artwork outside Brunel's Old Station.

Visit Filthy Luker's website


Zayn Malik

"The Green Gromit"

Zayn Malik is a member of boy band One Direction, a group who have achieved international fame after appearing on TV show The X Factor in 2010. Their debut album Up All Night reached No.1 in 15 countries, and the band are embarking on a worldwide tour in 2014.

Visit Zayn Malik's website

I'm absolutely delighted to lend my support to Gromit Unleashed to raise funds for Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal. Being asked to design and paint a Gromit was an absolute honour. My house is going to feel a whole lot emptier and a lot less green without it!

Ian Marlow

"Sir Gromit of Bristol"

Ian Marlow is a professional sculptor based in Somerset who exhibits widely and produces commissioned sculptures for corporate and private clients, here and overseas. Originally creating large sculptures in stone and marble, he now works solely in stainless steel and glass. Ian is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.

Visit Ian Marlow's website

Gromit is much more than just a canvas for a painting; he is a much loved character and I felt it was important to retain that. I have given him a stainless steel suit of armour, and added life to this with a short children's story!

Sarah Matthews

"Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion"

Sarah is a digital designer for Aardman Animations. She creates fun and innovative designs for websites and games and other interactive projects. In her spare time, Sarah illustrates under the name 'Bernys Place', creating cards and prints of Bristol landscapes, and also designs for a jewellery line collaboration, 'Blighty Almighty'.

Visit Sarah Matthews's website

I wanted my design to represent my love of Bristol, and show the fun and unique side to the city. I find Bristol architecture beautiful, classic and a dream to draw, and I think displaying that on a Bristol institution, Gromit, is a great fit!

Lindsay McBirnie


Lindsay is an artist and illustrator living and working in Bristol. She studied for her degree in Visual Communication at the Edinburgh College of Art and since graduating has exhibited work in Scotland, London and Melbourne, Australia. Recent illustration work has involved working with The Medical Research Council in London, producing educational material for children.

Visit Lindsay McBirnie's website

Bristol has so much to offer creatively and I've been amazed by the wealth of talent in both art and music. There is always something happening! My Gromit design attempts to capture the vibrant – 'buzzing' Bristol City life I've been experiencing so far.

Stephen McKay

"The King"

Stephen Mckay loves to work in public. He has designed and painted a number of public artworks for projects including the London Olympic Mascot Trail, giant Toads for Hull and Sheep for Skipton. A professional scientist, Stephen enjoys experimenting with new decorating techniques for his artistic creations.

Viva Las Vegas! Elvis has left the building but now Gromit rocks around the clock in one of Elvis Presley's favourite 1970's stage jumpsuits.

Tim Miness

"Isambark Kingdog Brunel"

Tim Miness is a London based designer and illustrator, working in top ad agencies by day and doodling top hats and moustaches on things by night. Originally from the South West, Tim has a strong affinity with Bristol and is the creator of the 'Wow Gorilla' sculpture Gorisambard.

Visit Tim Miness's website

Following the success and local appreciation of my 'Wow Gorillas' sculpture Gorisambard, I'd like to present another homage to Isambard Kingdom Brunel and also to a newer Bristol icon – Gromit. I've painted Gromit to look like IKB, complete with stovepipe hat.

Monster Riot


Monster Riot is collaborative duo Catherine and Jason. They started working together in 2010 to merge their love of all things cute, retro, character driven and colourful into one entity. Together they create eccentric illustrations and adorable plush characters. Their work has been seen on T-shirts, prints, greetings cards and Lagom Design.

Visit Monster Riot's website

On one side of the sculpture we've shown a sleepy village with hot air balloons donning the skies, on the other, a giant monster releasing the balloons into the atmosphere. We also included some nods to the Wallace & Gromit world – see if you can spot them!

Donough O'Malley


Donough Ō Malley is an Illustrator and author. He works in all areas of illustration from editorial to advertising, and his first picture book was shortlisted for the Cambridge Picture Book Awards. When not drawing monkeys and robots he can be found flying kites and daydreaming of hot countries he'd like to visit.

Visit Donough O'Malley's website

I wanted to express the history of engineering in Bristol, which could have been an influence on Gromit's love of mechanical contraptions. Everything has to have a starting point, a blueprint, and this is my attempt to reflect that, and also to guess how Gromit works.

One Red Shoe

"NewFoun Land "

'One Red Shoe' are artists Fiona and Neil Osborne. They started their company in Cheshire in 2002, specialising in large mural designs and paintings. Much of their work has since gained national acclaim, appearing in popular television shows and they continue to work with local communities, councils and businesses around the country.

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Adorning Gromit with an antique globe highlights Bristol's historic and current status as a port. The cartographic elements such as sea monsters, giant fish and ships are all painted in a dip pen and sepia ink style.

Nick Park CBE


Nick Park is the four times Oscar winning Director of Aardman Animations, the creator of Wallace & Gromit and a Patron and Trustee of The Grand Appeal, and the brains behind the Gromit Unleashed project.

The iconic characters of Wallace & Gromit are much loved worldwide. He was awarded a CBE in the 2006 Queen's Birthday Honours List for his services to the film industry.

Newshound was designed and created by Nick and painted in collaboration with artist Jane Kite.

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It was really hard knowing how to come up with an idea that was different to all the amazing designs. I thought why not cover Gromit in newspapers with all the headlines from our films! I'm very proud to be involved to be able to help raise funds for the hospital and I intend to go and see a Gromit every day, every single one of them!

Sneaky Raccoon

"Creature Comforts"

Sneaky Raccoon is the artist name and work of London based freelance graphic artist and designer, Anna Mullin. Her personal love of nature and animals stems from an upbringing in leafy green woodland areas of Germany while living abroad as a child, much of which is reflected in the graphic work that she produces.

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I have been inspired by the wonderful green spaces of Bristol, more so by the abundance of wildlife that can be found there. I imagined Gromit exploring these woodlands with his inquisitive nose, discovering animals, birds, insects, plants and flowers of all kinds.

Andy O'Rourke

"A Grand Day Out"

Andy has been a practicing, full time artist for 20 years. He's a professional dabbler and likes to paint aerosol murals, make carnival giants, sculptures, faux stained glass and doodle a lot. His company Malarky, is based in Newport, South Wales

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This sculpture is based on the beautiful design of the spaceship in A Grand Day Out. I thought that it would be a fun idea to see a Gromit-shaped ship and I imagine it's something that Wallace & Gromit might actually build.


"Gromit Lightyear"

Pixar Animation Studios is an Academy Award®-winning film studio with world-renowned technical, creative and production capabilities in the art of computer animation. Creator of some of the most successful and beloved animated films of all time, including "Toy Story," "Monsters, Inc.," “Cars,” "The Incredibles," "Ratatouille," "WALL•E," "Up," "Toy Story 3” and “Brave,” the Northern California studio has won 30 Academy Awards® and its films have grossed more than $7.7 billion at the worldwide box office to date.

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Joanna Lumley

"Poetry in Motion"

Joanna Lumley, OBE is an actress, model, author and charity campaigner, most famously known for her role as Patsy Stone in the television series Absolutely Fabulous and her role as Purdey in The New Avengers. She has appeared in numerous films and stage roles and in 2011 was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Play for her performance in La Bête.

I have always loved poetry: and something made me think that Gromit does too. On him I have written fragments of poems, all of which I have stored in my head since childhood. I am so thrilled and grateful to be included in this gorgeous project for the Bristol Children's Hospital.

Royal Mint

"National Treasure"

The Royal Mint is one of the world's oldest and esteemed organisations, with an unbroken history of minting British coinage dating back over 1,000 years. 1.4 billion UK coins were issued during 2012-13 and The Royal Mint currently serves more than 100 issuing authorities around the world, meeting approximately 15% of global demand and making them the world's leading export mint. Royal Mint worked with artist Stephanie Roberts to create National Treasure.

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We were absolutely delighted to be asked to create a 'Royal Mint Gromit' to help raise funds for Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal. We believe each and every coin is a miniature work of art, so could immediately see a natural connection between coins and the national icons that are Wallace and Gromit. - Karl Elliott, Head of Design at The Royal Mint

Gerald Scarfe CBE

"Watch Out, Gromit!"

Gerald Scarfe, CBE, is an English cartoonist, designer and animator. He has been the political cartoonist for the Sunday Times for 46 years and an illustrator for The New Yorker for 15 years. Gerald Scarfe has had over 75 international solo exhibitions and has designed the sets and costumes for many plays, operas and musicals worldwide. Gerald's film work includes Walt Disney's Hercules, and he designed and directed the artwork and animation sequences for the film of Pink Floyd's The Wall.

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I had great fun painting my old friend Gromit. Rather than paint a pattern all over him I thought a 'cartoon' situation would be more typical - an unfortunate paint bespattered Gromit seemed more amusing. I call it 'Watch Out Gromit!' As with all my work, I have signed my name at the bottom.

Nia Samuel-Johnson


Nia is a Bristol-based student studying fashion communication at the University of the West of England . Her aesthetic is bold and striking, often including symbolic references in her work. Striving to keep her work diverse, she is keen to get involved in projects outside of University, and having participated in the 'WOW Gorillas' project in 2011 she jumped at the chance to paint another 5ft mammal.

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Rich in detail and vibrant in colour, this design has been inspired by my love for surface textiles and print.

Axel Scheffler

"The Grommalo"

Axel Scheffler was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1957. He studied history of art in Hamburg, before moving to the United Kingdom to study visual communications at Bath Academy of Art in 1982. He is best known for the books he has illustrated through his partnership with author Julia Donaldson. Together they created The Gruffalo, which has sold over 5 million copies in almost 50 countries throughout the world.

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I felt very honoured, when I was asked to paint a Gromit for charity. It would have been nice to transform the whole dog into a Gruffalo, but I couldn't quite see how that could be done - then I started to draw the outlines of my characters from The Gruffalo. After two days of painting the one and only Grommalo was born!

Marie Simpson


Marie Simpson is an illustrator and designer who specialises in character design. She used to live in London, but now has two little girls and lives on the family farm in Scotland. Nature, her own garden and the outdoor life are a big inspiration for Marie, whose character designs are often based on animals.

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The idea evolved from feeding the British birds in my garden and the pleasure in seeing and getting to know them. They all have their own characters – Mr and Mrs Blackbird are very much in love, while my Robin is a noisy little chap!

Sir Paul Smith


Paul Smith was inspired to work in fashion when he met new artistic friends during some time in hospital after a cycling accident. Within two years, he took evening classes in tailoring and was managing a boutique in Nottingham. In Paris in 1976 showed his first Paul Smith menswear collection. Today Paul Smith's uniquely British brand consists of over 14 different and diverse collections and Paul continues to be an integral part of the company as both designer and chairman. Paul Smith's design was painted by artist Matt Healey.

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I am delighted to help support this worthy charity, I tried to make Gromit happy and optimistic! I hope you like it.

Richard Starzak aka Golly


Richard Starzak aka Golly, is the award-winning director of Shaun the Sheep, who has also directed Robbie the Reindeer, Rex the Runt, and Creature Comforts for Aardman Animations. He has also worked on numerous commercials including Grolsch, Cadbury's Crème Eggs, Weetos and Maltesers. Golly works as Creative Director of the Broadcast Development department at Aardman Animations. Golly's design was painted by artist Jane Kite.

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Gav Strange

"Stat's the way to do it, Lad!"

Gav Strange is a jack of all trades; Senior Designer at Aardman Animations by day, and a designer going under the alias of Jam Factory by night. He works primarily in the field of web and graphics but also dabbles in character design, photography and illustration, as well as speaking about his work around the UK.

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Being an Aardman-ite,I know how interested the public are in the magic that goes into creating our films and characters, so I thought it would be ace to use the giant Gromit as a way to share some of our fun facts, figures, and secrets with the audience!

Chris Taylor


Chris Taylor is a graphic designer and illustrator. He was born and bred in Bristol, and since graduating from university just over a year ago has received many commissions, such as Wow! Gorillas' 'Blackbeardorilla.' Chris's illustrative style is urban, with a striking use of mixed media.

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Groscar is inspired by Aardman Animations' iconic and pioneering stop motion pieces. They have achieved so much, including a number of gongs to their name, namely that of the Academy Awards, or Oscars to you and me.

Carys Tait

"Blazing Saddles"

Carys Tait is a Bristol based illustrator and designer, also known by the pseudonym Carys-ink. Having worked as a designer since 1996, Carys became freelance in 2009 and now works between illustration and design for clients and agencies. She also produces her own work incorporating her love of bikes, “home-made” machines, friendly monsters, roller-skates, robots, superhero animals, and hand-drawn typography.

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Inspired by the decoratively painted horses of fairground Merry-Go-Rounds and the cowboy style of 1950's westerns, my sculpture is a stylised take on the fictional masked character renowned for fighting injustice in the American Old West. Ride 'em cowboy lad!

Carys Tait


Carys Tait is a Bristol based illustrator and designer, also known by the pseudonym Carys-ink. Having worked as a designer since 1996, Carys became freelance in 2009 and now works between illustration and design for clients and agencies. She also produces her own work incorporating her love of bikes, “home-made” machines, friendly monsters, roller-skates, robots, superhero animals, and hand-drawn typography.

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Gromit takes on Mexican wrestler/superhero vibe as the loveable character unleashes his inner tiger…Grrrrr!

Dan Collings at Thirty Three


Thirty Three is a Bristol based creative design agency that specialises in employer marketing and branding working across a broad range of media. Based in the Tobacco Factory, they have a team of more than 30 people. 2013 is their tenth anniversary in the city and they continue to go from strength to strength.

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Our 'Malago' Gromit design celebrates Bristol's rich history owed to its famous rivers. Its flowing illustrative style graphically represents the movement and energy associated with a river and its impact on the community.

Amy Timms

"The Wild West"

With a keen interest in the natural world around her, Amy's paintings invite the viewer to question their preconceptions of the nature of beauty and the beauty of nature. Amy graduated in 2007 with a degree in illustration and has exhibited at Chelsea Flower Show, The RWA and countless exhibitions with her representative Bristol-based gallery Antlers.

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Bristol is a city of nature: from its bold squirrels of Brandon Hill Park to basking cormorants of the river, everywhere you go there is wildlife. This wildlife of the South West through the changing seasons is my inspiration.

Mark Titchner

"Why Dog? Why?"

Artist Mark Titchner uses diverse mediums such as digital print, drawing, film, sculpture and installation in his work. He received a Turner Prize nomination for his 2006 seminal show, IT IS YOU, at the Arnolfini in Bristol. Titchner's work incorporates multiple identities alongside past and present secular and spiritual notions of faith. Many of the motifs in his work derive from propaganda, advertising, and religious iconography that gives the viewer a call to respond. He combines found text from a variety of sources such as evangelical pamphlets and heavy metal albums to create powerful new images and ideas. Titchner's work is owned by museums and private collections throughout the world, including the Tate Modern.

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Simon Tofield


Simon Tofield is the creator of animated cartoon series Simon's Cat. Simon's Cat is a charming, yet mischievous cat that lives with Simon. He made his first appearance online, in a film called 'Cat Man Do'. Since then he has also appeared in his own books, game and comic strip.

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I've drawn 'Simon's Cat' – a fat, cute and mischievous character who was born in a film I made that became a kind of overnight success. I love drawing straight in pen; there is a danger – it really makes you think about what you're doing before you put the line down. When I was asked to do a Gromit for the Bristol Children's Hospital charity, it was a no brainer – I was on board straight away.

Simon Tozer


After working for a number of years in London as a scenic painter and mural-ist, Simon moved to Bristol in 2002. He now works as a printmaker, producing mainly screen prints. Simon's prints are often humorous and the subjects are usually animals, people and sometimes forms of transports.

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My design is Gromit as a strawberry. I wanted to do something that was colourful and would make people smile. I found it hard to think of a design that was any improvement on Gromit just as he is – but painting him as a delicious fruit seemed just right!

Philip Treacy OBE


Philip Treacy OBE is an acclaimed Irish milliner, who has designed hats for the likes of Grace Jones, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga and Princess Beatrice. His two decade career has seen him challenge people's perceptions of the hat, and he has been employed by designers such as the late Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Armani. Philip Treacy has won the British fashion accessory designer of the year award five times. Philip Treacy's Gromit was created in collaboration with artist Ruth Broadway.

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Julie Vernon

"Golden Gromit"

Julie Vernon produces contemporary hand-crafted mosaics, working with a mix of materials which are skilfully cut and shaped by hand, making each design unique. As well as producing work to commission and exhibiting nationally Julie also runs private workshops and is involved in a wide range of schools and community arts projects.

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My design is inspired by golden Buddhas in Thailand, where sculptures are transformed into objects of glory by covering them in gold mosaic. I wanted to turn Gromit into a highly decorative piece using gold mosaic tesserae, creating an object of pride, splendour and beauty.

Jeremy Wade

"Fish Tales"

Jeremy Wade is a writer and TV presenter with a special interest in rivers and freshwater fish, who has been travelling (mostly solo) to the world's remote rivers for over 25 years. He has a degree in zoology and a postgraduate teaching certificate in biological sciences. For the last 5 years he has been presenting the hit TV series 'River Monsters', produced by Bristol based Icon Films.

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The idea came to me almost fully formed: Gromit metamorphosed into a fish! But then that mutated into a special wetsuit, specially designed to blend in with the underwater environment.

Richard Williams


Richard Williams is a Canadian-British animator. He is best known for as Animation Director on was the creative mind behind the animated film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, for which he directed and designed the characters Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit and Baby Herman. Based in the UK, Richard Williams has won 3 Oscars and 3 British Academy Awards over a 58 year career. Richard's design was painted by artist Vivi Cuevas.

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All the colours we can see are in the rainbow, and I thought it would be attractive to see Nick Park's Gromit designed as a rainbow!

The Charity

All proceeds from Gromit Unleashed benefit Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity.

The charity supports Bristol Children’s Hospital, one of only a few specialist children’s hospitals in the UK providing life-saving surgery, care and treatment to children on a local, national and international scale. The hospital is now expanding to create one of the most influential children’s hospitals in Europe.

Specialist paediatric healthcare and pioneering treatment require constant investment. By supporting Gromit Unleashed, you will be helping to save the lives of sick children. Treatment unimaginable a decade ago is now within reach, and with your support we can make this happen.

To find out more about our charity visit

The Schools

Schools and community groups that took part in our Gromit Unleashed Schools programme have their own mini Gromits that they have designed, to treasure forever!